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Finally a two-step 50-day mineral detox that allows your body to build a stronger immune system to fight Herpes.


Herpes Cure? Understand how to deal with herpes naturally.

There have been many topical creams and drugs used as herpes cure treatments. These treatments for herpes give short-term relief but NONE can remove the virus and prevent re-occurrences to cure herpes. You will find out how ResolveHerpes is not like any other product currently on the market!
herpes-mouthAccording to the latest statistics, it is claimed that more than 80 percent of the adult population in the United States have the oral herpes virus and recent studies suggest that these numbers may even be as high as a staggering 98 percent. Genital herpes is more common in women (approximately 1 out of 4 women) than in men (almost 1 out of 5). There are an estimated 50,000,000 people in the US who have this and around 1,000,000 reports of people who are newly infected per year (millions more people who are infected are un reported). This means that over 100 people are infected every single hour and these numbers are rapidly increasing. During the viral contamination stage, which can occur orally or sexually, the live virus will attach onto a cell and inject its DNA.

ResolveHerpes will boost the body’s immune system and let the body itself clear the herpes virus HSV-1 and HSV-2. When there is an outbreak, local applications of antiviral creams and antiviral drugs such as Acyclovir, Valtrex, Sorivudine, Famivir and Denavir will help this stage, however, a more sinister process is also occurring. The contained virus in the cell is multiplying and stays in the tissue. Episodically it will cause the cells in the genitals or skin to burst causing outbreaks of pain, and vesicles containing fluid of contained live virus to be released, commonly known as herpes blisters, fever blisters, shingles or cold sores. Conventional medicine only acts on the virus that has been released. No matter what you take, the virus has firmly lodged into your cells and continues to multiply with these cells. None of these methods of treatment have addressed the problem of the virus lodged in the cells, which is the prime cause of the problem. Many people are finding out that the herpes virus is much more prevalent and much more dangerous than anyone ever imagined.

Look no further – ResolveHerpes is the solution for you!

Over the past 10 years the product has been developed as a specific mineral detox using a specific combination of common minerals to displace the virus from the cells and allow the body’s immune system to clear the herpes virus.


Two Step 50 Day Detox

ResolveHerpes is a formulation of specific minerals that have been used for the past 10 years in successfully boosting the body’s own immune system and letting the body itself eliminate the virus from people who have been contaminated with the herpes simplex virus. This formula effectively boosts the body’s own immune system and lets the body itself eliminate the viruses, fungi and toxins from the cells. The mineral detoxification process, which has been perfected and shown in documented cases to boost the body’s own immune system and let the body itself eliminate the virus that causes herpes-type symptoms, is a TWO STEP PROCESS: ResolveHerpes is specially labeled and color coded so the process is easily followed:



step1-detox-product-imgThese minerals have the effect of pushing the virus out from deep within the cells so the body can expel them. This explains the runny nose, pimples, and spots, which can appear while taking the detox. This part of the detoxification process takes 36 days, as the dose is slowly increased to 20 mls, 3 times a day. Each one of these bottles is 500 mls.







step2-detox-productThe final part of the detox consists of concentrated minerals that are taken three times a day for 14 days. This final part of the detox has the effect of allowing the body to expel any free viruses that remain in the body.






The full mineral detox takes 50 days, with a one-day interval period between Step 1 and Step 2. Once Step 2 of ResolveHerpes has been completed, you should begin to notice that your body is becoming HERPES VIRUS FREE! Please note, however, that you can still experience “clearing” symptoms over the following months, but these symptoms are usually minor and are part of the body’s healing process.

herpes cure doctorOnce you have completed the mineral detox strictly as instructed, then you should know on your own when the virus has left your body because when the virus leaves your body you should no longer have outbreaks of the same frequency and intensity. Shortly after completing the detox, you can still experience “clearing” symptoms, but these should decrease in frequency over the following 3 to 9 months. Eventually, your outbreaks should stop completely. That process takes different time periods for different people. There is no one-size-fits-all time frame. It just depends on your own body, the level of virus in your body, how well you follow the instructions that came with the detox, and the health of your own body’s immune system. Additional product can be taken to help with clearing symptoms. These additional products are shown in the shopping cart. Please also note that if you are infected, there is a strong possibility that your partner is also infected. Even if they do not show any noticeable symptoms, they could still be a carrier of the virus. Thus, we recommend that you both take ResolveHerpes and go through the detox together. Due to the nature of the virus, you must not have any intimate contact until after you have fully completed the detox and you feel that your body is free of the virus and your outbreaks have stopped. Thereafter, however, we believe the prudent and responsible course of action is to use condoms whenever having sex.


ResolveHerpes is designed to boost the body’s immune system and let the body itself clear the herpes virus, HSV-1 and HSV-2.

ResolveHerpes is cost effective when compared to the expensive monthly ongoing prescription costs. After completing the detox you will not need to worry about these prescriptions for herpes anymore. Taking ResolveHerpes detox is all that you should need in your life time. Are you tired of using natural products which are not giving you the relief you are looking for, or do you want an alternative to using chemicals and medications?

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